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June 21, 2003 Show:   Topic: IT Software  Guest: Jerry Gowen and Mike Harris
PowerQuest® Corporation provides storage lifecycle automation solutions worldwide to build, protect and manage corporate and personal computing environments.

Jerry Gowen, spokesperson for PowerQuest and Mike Harris, Product Marketing Manager for Build Product Segment discuss V2i Builder. A solution that empowers IT organizations with automated and centralized management of their operating system (OS) deployments, migrations, software distributions and PC changes, V2i Builder automates and streamlines common IT tasks by virtually eliminating the need to physically visit each workstation. Also included in V2i Builder is PowerQuest's Deploy Center 5.5 for deploying, upgrading, and recovering computer systems; PowerMigration DNA for the management, movement and maintenance of a PC's DNA; and PowerQuest Deploy Toolkit to leverage a company's existing Windows PE environment.
Listen To PowerQuestJune 21, 2003 interview
November 2, 2002 Show:   Topic: Utility Software  Guest: Jerry Gowen

Listen To PowerQuestNovember 2, 2002 interview
September 15, 2001 Show:   Topic: Utilities  Guest: Brad Webb

Listen To PowerQuestSeptember 15, 2001 interview
December 23, 2000 Show:   Topic: Utilities  Guest: Brad Webb

Corporation is a leading software developer, providing solutions to complex storage management issues. Brad Webb, from PowerQuest, discusses Drive Image, their solution for IT personnel. Drive Image is a powerful cloning and deployment tool that allows you to distribute anything from new operating systems to a person's desktop setup to a new location, all over the network. Plus, with Drive Image's TaskBuilder, many of the routine tasks can be automated, to leave you more time to deal with serious issues.
Listen To PowerQuestDecember 23, 2000 interview
May 27, 2000 Show:   Topic: Utilities  Guest: Travis Lee, Product Line Manager
PowerQuest Corporation is a leading software developer and technology pioneer aiding IS professionals to manage, deploy and protect storage devices in their enterprises. In fact PowerQuest won the prestigious EnterpriseVision Winter 2000 award for ServerMagic and DriveImage Pro.

Travis Lee, the Product Line Manager discusses these award-winning products.
Listen To PowerQuestMay 27, 2000 interview
April 10, 1999 Show:   Topic: Work Relief  Guest: Joe Heaps
Your hardware just failed and you lost the report you're supposed to give at the quarterly progress meeting. Relief is in sight. If your hard drive is stll spinning you can recover your report and anything else that's gone.

Joe Heaps from goes over data recovery solutions, in particular, Lost & Found- which lets you automatically recover and restore data after accidental (or even intentional) data loss, or from corrupted media caused by a disk crash or logical system failure.
Listen To PowerQuestApril 10, 1999 interview
July 25, 1998 Show:   Topic: Need to Copy a Lot, No Problem  Guest: Steve Fairbanks
No matter what size the drive, you can make an effortless copy of it. If you need to change to a bigger drive, copy to the new one and take the old out,

Steve Fairbanks from lets you know how Drive Copy and Drive Image allow you to make copies of your drives and directory structure without a lot of hassle.
Listen To PowerQuestJuly 25, 1998 interview
May 31, 1997 Show:   Topic: Partitioning Utilities  Guest: Eric Ross

Listen To PowerQuestMay 31, 1997 interview
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